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Do you wish your dentist would take the time to hear your concerns before beginning dental treatment?

Dr. Hubbs devotes special time to personalize each new patient visit. You will be personally greeted by Dr. Hubbs for a unique introduction so she can listen to your concerns, apprehensions and desires to design your perfect treatment plan for a healthy mouth and confident smile.

Dr. Hubbs and her dental team have created a special experience to welcome you to our practice and the area.

“The Mouth in it’s entirety is an important and even wondrous part of our anatomy, our emotions, our life: it is the site of our very being. It deserves the greatest care it can receive at any sacrifice.”

– F. Harold Wirth, D.D.S

“Dr. Hubbs was the first dentist that ever came to me and introduced herself at my first appointment.”

For our new patients we recommend that you plan for an hour and half visit in order for Dr. Hubbs and her team to plan for your specific dental needs. We will gather records that include digital smile makeover, x-rays, intraoral camera photos, a comprehensive exam, oral cancer screening, periodontal screening, and personalized consultation regarding necessary treatment that is needed and smile concerns.

Dr. Hubbs will assess your periodontal health of the gums and bones in your mouth and prescribe you with the dental cleaning that fits your specific oral health needs. In the event you truly want your teeth cleaned, we will do our Best to accommodate your request. Otherwise, we will set aside a specific treatment time to meet your dental health care needs to have your teeth cleaned.

We invite anyone seeking a personalized touch or a pleasant dental experience to call and schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Hubbs today at 479-636-8700.

Dental Care in Rogers, AR for those who Fear being Criticized or Lectured To

Dr. Hubbs and her team strive to create a relaxing, tranquil and pleasant dental experience without fear of Criticism or Judgment. Dr. Hubbs will NOT make you feel Bad about your dental situation. We are here to help put your fears behind you and get the care YOU deserve to get you to a pain free, healthy, confident smile.

Our practice is the perfect place for:

  • Patients who are new to the area
  • Patients who have dental fears or concerns that require a more personalized approach
  • Anyone looking to develop a long-term relationship with a professional, caring dental team
  • Patients who want to improve their overall health
  • Patients who are seeking a second opinion

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Everyone is super friendly and they always make sure that I am comfortable. They make sure to work carefully but also fast (so that I can get out of there as soon as possible). They are really helpful when it comes to scheduling appointments and they always work with your schedule! 10/10 recommend them for anyone 🙂


If you have any more questions regarding our patient information, our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

If you have any more questions regarding our patient information, our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.