Could You Benefit from a Dental Appliance?

There are quite a few people out there who could use a dental appliance to help protect their teeth. This is a common treatment for people who suffer from bruxism, which is grinding and clenching the teeth. Most of the time, this happens in heavy stress times or while a person sleeps, making an oral appliance the best solution to help. If you wake up to sore teeth or a stiff jaw, we may need to take a look and see if your teeth show the common signs of bruxism. For those of you that are looking for a dental implant that will last the rest of your life, Preston Oral Surgery in Raleigh is now offering a new dental implant that can do just that. Here’s the right up on their new service:

How a Dental Appliance Can Help

When you sleep with a dental appliance, your teeth sit differently than without it. If you grind your teeth back and forth while you sleep, without an appliance, the enamel is getting scratched on both the top and the bottom teeth. If you have the appliance in place, your teeth are scratching into hardened plastic that isn’t going to cause damage to your teeth in the process. If you clench your teeth in your sleep, instead of putting all of the pressure on just a couple of the teeth in the back of your jaw, your appliance spreads out the pressure and protects your teeth from cracking.

How We Design a Dental Appliance to Help with Bruxism

We will take a scan of your mouth to create a custom dental appliance for you. You will be able to match your appliance up to your teeth, and give you the exact placement your teeth need to help protect them from damage. The Emergency Dentist Kyle TX, suggest that the dental appliance should be worn any time you notice you are clenching or grinding your teeth, or when you sleep.

We want to help protect your teeth from the dangers associated with bruxism, and an oral appliance is often the most effective tool. Let us see if you have the signs of bruxism on your teeth, and if so, let us work with you to create a treatment plan that not only helps to protect your teeth but also controls your bruxism.

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